Harnessing the power of diversity & inclusion to transform individual and organisational performance.

Specialists on inclusion in the engineering industry.


Building on experience in advancing inclusion in the engineering industry, mcbridewright offers a range of services to help organisations become more inclusive.

Our mission is to build inclusive organisations to improve stakeholder health and wellbeing by converting strategy to action thereby driving increased efficiency and better performance.


You want to become an inclusive organisation, but are unsure how? Or, perhaps you would like some benchmarking done to see how you compare against other organisations in your industry?
Whatever your requirements, we provide a bespoke consultancy offering around equality, diversity and inclusion.


Soft-skills development of your employees is really important to make sure they are continually developing. Providing them with the right tools and vocabulary in order to be able to create an inclusive environment is one of the steps an organisation should take to achieve the goal of becoming an open and appealing organisation to work in.


Does your organisation host team/ departmental / management away days, project milestone celebration events, or perhaps an annual conference? A quarterly Townhall? Perhaps you recognise annual national weeks and events such as International Women’s Day, Pride Month or Mental Health Awareness Week?